Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by Southbound Market. I’m Meredith, the designer behind all digital art prints & home decor you’ll find here!

Southbound Market is a Canadian based home decor shop. As a graphic designer, I love finding great art prints to display in my home but always struggled to find it in just the right size, colour, or price for my home. This shop started after I moved into my first apartment and wanted to get artwork up on the wall ASAP. Living on my own, I didn’t have the budget for much artwork at all – which meant I needed to DIY it. With frames that were built by my dad, and digital art prints that I custom designed – I finally started getting art up on the walls and started to love the home I was in.

I know that there are tons of others out there looking for high end art for their home on a budget, so I started Southbound Market as a way for busy women to find the perfect art for their home – instantly.

All of my art prints are sold as ready-to-print art – which means you get instant access to the digital files so you can easily print from home or at your local print shop. No waiting for art work to to be produced & shipped to you – you get access as soon as you complete your purchase.

With digital art files, you aren’t limited to whatever paper stock I have available for you – print these out on canvas, paper, metal – the sky is the limit! Want a handmade look? Import them to your favourite electronic cutting machine and paint your own wooden sign, or iron it onto a t-shirt or throw pillow. What is Printable Wall Art? Click here to learn more!

Let's Get Personal

I live in Southern Ontario with my hubsand, son and four furry children – two cats and two dogs! When I’m not designing new products, I can be found binging netflix while cuddling one of our pets, or hanging out at the dog park (when the weather is nice enough!). Other hobbies include scrapbooking, quilting, painting old furniture & anything else where I can get a little creative.

My design style varies from bold typography to elegant calligraphy, some handwritten or painted to some digital masterpieces, so I hope you’ll find something you love! If you have any requests for quotes, styles, or custom work, please feel free to contact me and I’ll try to come up with something for you!